The PIM Grade provides a condition assessment rating of your asset, depicted as a numerical representation between 1-100. The purpose of the grade is to provide a single, accurate and objective “snapshot” of a vessels condition at a glance.

The Grade algorithm has been developed over time and is regularly reviewed by our team, calibrated and updated to take into consideration the very latest in changing industry regulations and to ensure utmost comprehensive in line with prevalent market conditions.


The PIM Grade ensures that that those without the capacity or skills to fully understand and appreciate the detailed technical risks which are common place in the maritime sector, can easily digest and understand the inspection report.


Our research indicates that over 75% of customers who request a condition inspection are not Familiar in detailed maritime operational/ technical matters and are therefore highly reliant on the knowledge and skills of PIM to help them understand the condition-based risks of their assets.


The PIM Grade helps customer to understand the results and provides our customers with an opportunity for bench-marking and comparison of assets at a glance, delivering unrivalled insights into their fleet and providing comparisons not only within an organization, but against an industry-wide data set.  

Our Grades divided into 2 major points :

1. Vessel Condition

2. Vessel Management

With breakdown below :

*for grade score replace with “score 1-100”